Privacy Policy

Target Works, UAB cares about your privacy and handles your data as described in this document.

Any iOS apps (further - Apps) provided by Target Works, UAB (further - App Provider) do not transmit or disclose any user data to AppĀ ProviderĀ or any third parties (that are not directly specified by the user) with considering reasonable exceptions listed below:

1) Free ad-enabled Apps that show ads from Apple and Google (further - Ad Providers), do not provide any user information to Ad Providers directly, but include appropriate SDK libraries of Ad Provides that collect data about the user according to Ad Providers privacy policies:

2) Apps that include Facebook integration for user photo posting to Facebook do not transmit any information other than the photo and the message that the user sees while tapping "Post" in the "Post to Facebook" dialog. Apps do not provide any additional information to Facebook directly, but Apps do include Facebook SDK library that collects data about the user according to Facebook privacy policy: